The First Metanoia Kids’ Art Exhibit entitled “Hearts and Hands Unto The Lord” was held last July 19, 2023. The event culminated a 12-week art enrichment course in which students were exposed to a variety of drawing, painting, and sculpture techniques.

The students were introduced to a couple of art masters like Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, or simply “Caravaggio,” for his painting “Supper at Emmaus”. The students learned to read a painting, noting how the artist used symbolism and other visual devices to communicate ideas. We also scrutinized Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” to create our own starry nights.

But the Holy Spirit was adamant for the class to look to nature and draw from observation the character of God, specifically His INFINITUDE.  Thus, we marveled at the vast array of leaf designs in Creation. We also observed the colorful bark of the rainbow eucalyptus, a tree native to Mindanao, to create our own abstract art inspired by nature.  Likewise, we tried our hand at creating animal sculpture from “mud” using air-dried clay just as Father God may have had fun creating man from clay. We took inspiration from the landscape, the sea, & insects…reinterpreting them all with creativity unique to each child.


The exhibit celebrated not only the children’s handiwork, but more so the heart attitude it took to commit work to the Lord. Hence, the following HeART Awards were presented to:

The Peace of God Award: Sofia Huerta, for her readiness to tackle whatever and whoever came her way with peace and joy.

The Perseverance Award: Rojan Jaworski, for his willingness and cooperation to leave his comfort zone to learn new things & shine!

The Stewardship Award: Sasha Domingo, for her conscientious work ethic, being mindful of time and not wasting limited class resources, always giving her best, always looking for ways to help out classmates and the teacher, and for being an all-around blessing.

The Courageous Learner Award: Ronni Jaworski, for bringing joy and laughter especially when the going got tough, for acknowledging that others may have had a head start in their art skills and yet he gave his best despite the odds.

The Spirit of  Excellence Award: Cian Gampol, for the consistently high quality of his work, whether inside or outside of the class class, for applying the things he has learned and making them his own, and for using his artworks to bless others.

And last, but certainly not least:

The Fearless Nonquitter Award: Rouie Jaworski, for her boundless ideas and enthusiasm for each new challenge and her willingness to finish well.

Initially put together to meet the needs of homeschooling families in the community, Art with Teacher Cha will be offered on Saturdays before the 6:00 p.m. worship service at the Metanoia Christian Ministries center. This will be open to both children and adults who want to hone their creative skills in drawing, painting, and sculpture by creating art with a spiritual perspective. The art classes will resume by September 2023 – more details to follow soon.