It all began in 2016 when three men had wholeheartedly decided to give it all for Jesus. What started out as a fellowship group grew into a traveling ministry with a desire to equip the Body of Christ. After a missions trip to Baler, Aurora province in 2017, the ministry was officially named Metanoia, a Greek word which means “renewing of mind.” From then on, Metanoia was invited to minister in more Christian churches and events within the Philippines and abroad. In 2018, Metanoia’s Bible study center in Sampaloc, Manila became its first house church. 


In 2020, Metanoia conducted daily online Bible studies for seeking hearts at the height of the coronavirus pandemic. Then came more harvest as Metanoia evolved into a family of men and women sincerely eager to know the Father’s true heart toward His children. 


In 2022, Metanoia opened its ministry center at Ayala The 30th Mall in Pasig. Surely, the best is yet to come.               

Metanoia is a Christian fellowship group and traveling ministry. We serve and equip the Body of Christ.

We are a group of individuals called by Jesus Christ to preach the Gospel, make disciples, set the captives free, heal the sick, cast out demons, and expand the Kingdom of God here on Earth.

We are living testimonies of God’s mercy beyond all measure. We purpose to inspire others to repent and walk with Jesus. No problem is too big for God’s love; no sin is greater than God’s grace.

We aim to give the TRUTH of Who Jesus is to the broken and lost. We sincerely believe that these individuals can be released from bondage and be armed to conquer their Promised Land through fellowship, mentoring, training, and encouragement.



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